Placed! A Foundational Guide to Being a Fashion PR Badass
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In the world of mass market fashion, or fast fashion, public relations helps brands standout and rise above the competition. In Placed! A Foundational Guide to Being a Fashion PR Badass, Angie provides a rapid fire overview of the Fashion PR industry, sharing years of experience and expertise. She provides an insider's view on everything from how to get a foot in the door and succeed in the industry, to what the job entails day-to-day and how it fits within the big picture, as well as everything in between.

"This book is a great foundation for succeeding in Fashion PR; especially Angie's insights into the most effective ways of working with editors."

- Danielle Potito, Life & Style Weekly Senior Fashion Market Editor

"A seasoned publicist, Angie literally touches on every facet involved in doing so. She's spot on, straight forward, and delivers exactly the information one needs to deal with editors, as well as clients, and be good at it."

- Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson, People StyleWatch Fashion Editor

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The Wayward Return, Novel by A.K. Mathews

Gabriel Castillo is more sinner than saint. Just about everything seems on the verge of collapse for the 28-year-old unemployed electrician with a talent for fixing most anything; except himself. Freshly homeless, living on the fringe of urban society, Gabe’s one constant companion is a still, small voice emanating from somewhere deep in his chest imploring him to do good. His one constant source of joy is his three-year-old son, Miguel. Splitting visitation rights with an ex, nicknamed the Beast, Gabe’s number-one concern is getting Miguel for his scheduled weekend visit. However, as Gabe scrambles to pull it together and follow the petition of his heart, a terrible mistake on a train sends his life so far off track he fears for his eternal salvation.

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