So...yeah, it's been a while. Seven month plus or minus. Sorry about that. But, there has been progress! I birthed a baby (born Jan. 15, 2016) and completed that little PR 101 book I've been blabbing about (hitting Amazon in May). And, I'm finally emerging from my little time warp hole.

The baby's amazing. The book is pretty good, if I do say so myself. It's chock full of super valuable information for Fashion PR wannabes and newbies. I would have loved a resource like it when I started out. I also think the info within would be relevant to brand owners and marketing managers working to understand what it is exactly publicists do...or what they should be doing.It basically covers everything from how to get your foot in the door to how to deal once you're in.

A second edition could probably use a more extensive table of contents for those looking to easily flip to the exact page of specific information, but it's short (140-some pages) and if favorite pages are dog-eared, it should work well regardless.

Anyhow, I'm back and will be posting new info soon. Check-out the book!