Fashion PR Big Picture

Now, if you’ve read through some of my posts, you've gotten an idea of what to expect day-in and day-out in PR (if you still want more, in the book I'm going into exhaustive detail about the ins and outs).

Let’s take a quick step back to look at the big picture of Fashion PR. Really, that’s more of what it’s all about, anyway. There are so many random things that are going to drop on your plate beyond the daily grind. Plus, things change. Constantly. By the time I post this, LA could be the new couture fashion capital of the world. Editors could be leaving 1WTC in droves to go west. Probably not, but it could happen. So, like I’ve mentioned before, you must have a passion for fashion. Even before you’re a Fashion PR Account Executive, you should be following people in the industry on social media, reading WWD, the Apparel News, Refinery 29, et cetera, etc.

Beyond having the ability to get press coverage, as a fashion publicist you will be expected to be in-the-know of basically everything. Clients and randoms alike will expect you to know what the best venues are for photoshoots, parties, fashion shows, presentations, and previews. You’ll be assumed to be up on all the trade shows, brands, and designers in every category. You will also be assumed to know the newest restaurants and bars, the next it-girls and boys, best d.j.’s to have for every type of event, party photographers, fashion photographers, where to get product shots, and which model or brand ambassador to use for each and every project.

If you have the passion I keep talking about, it’s no biggie. It’ll be natural to stay up on it all.

As you grow in the industry you’ll make friends, gain connections, and have a network of people to pull from. So, even if you’re not quite sure where the best place for a gallery opening in Detroit is, you’ll know who to contact. It’s these relationships, the one’s with editors, the one’s with stylists, the one’s with tastemakers, the one’s with other publicists, and more, that people will pay you for. Don’t take them lightly.

The other reason people will pay you is two-fold: how you look and act. Okay, okay. I know that sounds superficial. And, of course, you won’t experience any superficiality in the world of fashion. But, brands, agencies, and companies will choose you over other publicists because you fit an image they want to portray. Beyond acting as liaison for their brand, you will often times be on the front lines representing their brand and it will be important to them that you fit their image.

Remember how I said something important to consider when working for a brand is liking the apparel? Well, conversely, brands will be looking at you and considering whether they want to see you in their apparel. Ouch. Right? Not all clients will be this way. There are corporate, gray suit men, who will treat you like a peon and hire you based on a whim. But, most brands seeking PR representation will want you to in some way embody their brand. Embodying a brand is based on what you look like and how you act.

You can use this to your advantage in some cases. If there is an in-house PR job you really want, or if you’re going to meet with a potential new client as part of an agency, it makes sense to dress the part. Present yourself in a way that shows you are already a member of their tribe. Regardless, it’s important to remember, you are just as much a brand ambassador and spokesperson for your clients as the bloggers, tastemakers, and models you seek out on their behalf.