I was recently contacted by a photographer I used to work with a lot when I was in Fashion PR. She was hoping to work together for the shoot, me serving as shoot producer.

Even though it didn't work out, it was a flattering call to get. While there are a few aspects of fashion marketing and PR that I struggle with; producing photo shoots, most of the time for look books, was the most fun. From start to finish, coming up with a concept (the story you could say), casting models, booking the photographer, the stylist, location scouting, finalizing all of the permits and contracts, overseeing the shoot, and in some cases actually designing the look book, sending it to print, and receiving a lovely, tangible book that is a true representation of a brand's collection is an amazing feeling. A story in pictures, really. And, of course, I would always plug in great literary quotes where appropriate.

Anyhow, the call got my literary-minded brain back in fashion-mode. I have since been in conversations with a course developer at the continuing and professional education college at Long Beach State to potentially develop and teach a course in Fashion PR. Which I believe would be a really nice way to combine my mixed-bag of professional experience and personal passions. So, as we work to hash out a plan, I've begun by moving forward with drafting an outline for what could serve as the curriculum - as well as, hopefully, a how-to Fashion PR book.

Over the next few weeks, just to keep it copacetic, I figured I'd post some how-to tips and anecdotes from my life as a fashion PR executive.

Here's tip #1:

Celebrities like their hand held.
Fashion editors do not.

This is sort of literal - but, mostly figurative.

From my experience, if you're working an event where there are a number of celebs - and should they be required to do anything - like, walk down a runway - they want you to help them, reassure them, support them, as much as you possibly can. If they must be led from Point A to Point B, you will need to hold their hand. No joke.

However, if you are meeting with fashion editors to, say, show them a new collection, they might shake your hand - maybe. You'll more likely get besos - little Euro-style air kisses. They aren't being rude, it's just a thing I've noticed. Talk to them about the collection, offer helpful facts, such as where the line is sold, what it retails for, which celebrities are wearing it, et cetera; but they don't need you to take too much of their time, they don't need you to literally walk them through the line - they know what they like. Just stay close by in case they need you to hold up a specific style, so they can take a picture for future reference. But, no hand holding.