To all those who have taken the leap of faith and bought the book, I hope it doesn’t waste your time.
— me

Like I said before, I have the toughest time maintaining a blog – which, I understand is odd of someone who writes for a living; but that’s just it, I write all day, every day. I guess the last thing I want to do is blog about my life as a writer – and really, as a reader why would you want to read about it? Anyhow, it’s been a year! Not sure where the time has gone; but there has been progress. Thank goodness.

The book that I mention in previous posts is done! Complete. Published. Hooray! And, this is what I can speak to that may be of interest: Publishing. Self-Publishing, at that. My book, “The Wayward Return” was started in March of 2013, completed in March of 2014 (almost a year to the day), and diligently shopped around to agents from March thru August. What a terrible process. Especially for someone who is an unapologetic homebody with absolutely no connections or motivation to network. I don’t blame the agents. I know from being in PR how much noise I was up against pitching editors for daily story ideas – I cannot imagine how much crap these agents have to wade through to find gems – and they’re dealing with a lot of material, not a nut graph. I understand why many of them would rely on referrals or focusing on surer bets with bloggers and social media personalities that have a dedicated following. Anyhow, while I received a few responses and eventual passes (which in and of itself was a feat!), I decided the process was not for me. I’d rather have the material out there available for people to read and get started on book two.

After some research, CreateSpace (Amazon’s self-publishing division) made the most sense for me. Formatting the interior was a piece of cake in Pages and using Adobe InDesign and my basic design experience I was able to layout my own cover. So for me the expense was minimal – just ordering a proof; making some edits, and then ordering another proof. Voila. A book. I don’t have high-expectations for sales. It’s a work of literary fiction. A simple, coming-of-age (or maybe more like a coming-to-Jesus) type story in 200 pages, but I’m proud of it.

I’ve had a few moments of panic. That is the one thing…there is something to be said when someone else publishes your book – you have a second-party endorsement of sorts. In this situation it’s just me saying I believe in me; and it’s nerve-wracking to put yourself out there like that. I have been completely humbled by all of my friends and family that have expressed interest and actually purchased the book. It really is A LOT to ask out of someone. To buy something that they are in turn going to have to invest a decent amount of time in. Time is VALUABLE!! And, I totally understand that. I am so grateful for the support. To all those who have taken the leap of faith and bought the book, I hope it doesn’t waste your time. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, all.