Sometimes Wednesdays are exactly what the doctor ordered. The perfect amount of get to work! and you're almost done.

Anyhow, below is a little piece I threw together for an extra credit project in a writing workshop...I apparently love writing snip-its of time; rather than fully formed short stories, will have to fix that. 

Have you ever hiked the Camino de Santiago?  I haven't.  I would love to.  I would also love to hike the Grand Canyon and Appalachian Trail. Goals.



Camino de Santiago (AKA Happy Trails) by Angie Mathews (Copyright 2012)

The dog was still following her.  It stunk.  But, the putrid scent was at least a reminder of sentient things.  She pulled the brim of her hat lower to shade her face from the looming threat of sunburn.  Her feet hurt.  The hiking boots she had diligently broken in over months of dress rehearsals felt suddenly stiff and new, rubbing the tender skin of her left heel into a blister for the second time.  Soon the friction would hit muscle, or tendon, whatever was below the layers of flesh on her heel. 

Picking up her pace, she pushed forward.  The dog trotted behind.  On the horizon, where the heat emanated from the earth and mixed with the blue, cloudless sky, she could see a small group of fellow pilgrims.  As she approached, she could hear them speaking German.  

“Hello,” she said as she passed.  

“Hello,” the group said in unison.  

She charged on, the dog in tow.  Not too far down the trail, she came upon another lone traveler.  “Hello,” she said and waved as she began to pass.

“Hey there,” he said.  “Haven’t seen many people today.”

As she slowed her pace, the rotten dog scent intensified.  “Neither have I,” she said.

“Haven’t seen you at any of the pilgrim’s hostels.  How long you been hiking for?”

“15 days, but I’m in a hurry.”

“So you’re passing people.”

“I guess so.  I never see the same people twice.”

“Why in such a hurry?”

“Not sure.”  She smiled, grabbed her water bottle and took a sip.  The dog quivered into a seated position and looked at her.  She poured water into her palm and let the dog lap it out.  Turning in disgust, she wiped her hand on her shorts and squirted hand sanitizer between her palms, rubbing them together vigorously.  “Well, happy trails,” she added with a wave.

 St. Anthony's Monastery, California Desert, 2011

St. Anthony's Monastery, California Desert, 2011

 St. Anthony's Monastery, California Desert, 2011

St. Anthony's Monastery, California Desert, 2011

 Jerome, AZ, 2011

Jerome, AZ, 2011